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Benor FM is currently airing on FM 88.8 MHz in Bukit Suban Village (SPI), Sarolangun District, Jambi Province.


Our Schedule

Sunday, 21 July 2024

Time Topic Status
08:00 - 10:00 Dunia Anak
This information is about children world. We play 100% kid songs.
10:01 - 12:00 Negeri Indonesia
Information about culture, culinary, and tourist attractions in Indonesia
12:01 - 13:00 Kaboron Siang
Information, coverage, and talk shows on various matters collected from online media, print media, social media and events around Bukit Suban Village and its surroundings.
13:01 - 15:00 Benor Request
Song request program and send greetings/messages via short message or BenorFM Fanpage
15:01 - 17:00 Kaboron Sore
Information, coverage, and talk shows on various matters collected from online media, print media, social media and events around Bukit Suban Village and its surroundings.
*This program can be changed at any time depending on the field situation.


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What We are doing

Benor FM, also known as Community Radio Benor FM, is an effective and efficient alternative media to reach Orang Rimba and disseminate various information and materials including education, health, and agriculture development. It also plays a role as a means of communication between the Orang Rimba and other communities. In addition, Benor FM is also a tool to mobilize and share various information and entertainment for Orang Rimba and the surrounding villagers.

Creative strategies:
Advocating the education and health programs for Orang Rimba. Enhancing and increasing the understanding of products, prices, and various events to improve the quality of training and counselling activities. Advocating the existence of the Orang Rimba and embracing their existence into the public norms without eliminating their own identities. Advocating the villagers to respect and to equalize the Orang Rimba community. Encouraging the whole participation of the Orang Rimba to design the broadcast materials and positioning them as active broadcasters. Meanwhile, we will enhance audiences as active listeners both from the Orang Rimba community and the villagers. In addition, the materials of education, health, and economy will also be disseminated along with the cultures and diversity of the Orang Rimba and the villagers to create a mutual understanding between them.


What is Benor FM ?

Benor* FM is a radio broadcast for the Orang Rimba Community living in the Bukit Duabelas National Park (TNBD) forest. Based on the legal permission of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication of the Republic of Indonesia number 1279 on 25 July 2016, the radio broadcasts on FM 88.8 MHz. The frequency ranges over the TNBD area and the surrounding villages (figure 2).

Moreover, Benor station is located on the hill of southern TNBD area, Bukit Suban Village (SPI), Sarolangun District, Jambi Province (102° 32' 6.014" BT and 1° 55' 7.179" LS). It usually takes 4 - 5 hours to reach the area by the road as it is 395 km away from the Sultan Thaha Airport, Jambi (figure 1).

Indonesian Conservation Community Warsi, known as Komunitas Konservasi Indonesia (KKI) Warsi initiates Benor FM aiming at re-establishing the conservation principles and values and encouraging the development model of conservation management in Indonesia, particularly in Sumatera.

*Benor is a term taken from a language of the Orang Rimba community. It literally means a plant vining like a network. Therefore, the radio is expected to be accepted in the remote wilderness areas while delivering various educational materials and health information, and to entertain the Orang Rimba community and the villagers living around the forest.



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